4 Things To Consider When Preparing Your Home For Inspection


A home inspection is a crucial step before buying or selling a house. It will detect major flaws in the house so that you don’t have to go through an expensive repair after you buy a house. Before getting your home inspected, here are four things you need to consider.

Don’t hide anything


Home inspectors are your friend, not someone who will enforce laws and try to do something negative to you. If you think there might be some problem in the house, don’t hide it. These problems should be addressed so that there is not hassle after buying or selling the property. You should mention anything that you think needs to be repaired.

Give time


The home inspector will write a thorough report on the condition of your home. So, give the inspector all the time he or she needs to look around your house for any defects. You should be prepared that the inspection may take a long time. An average sized home takes about three hours to complete the task; larger homes will take more time. So, you should get yourself prepared for it.

Keep all doors open


Before a home inspector comes to your house, you must make sure that all the doors are accessible easily. The inspector must be able to have a look at every corner of the house. Even crawl spaces, basement, and attic must be accessible.

Check out the electrical system


You must remove the cover of your electric panel before the home inspector visits your home. The inspector should be able to check whether your electric system is working properly or not.

It is a rule set by many states in America that homes that are in the market for sale must go through a home inspection by a professional home inspector. A comprehensive report must be prepared about the present condition of the house to avoid any unpleasant experiences.